16 Feb

Modernizing local public transportation involves shifting from traditional paper-based ticketing to efficient mobile and account-based systems.

Local public transportation, particularly its ticketing systems, is experiencing a compelling demand for modernization, a necessity that is particularly acute for small to mid-sized transit agencies. These agencies often grapple with outdated ticketing processes, where passengers predominantly purchase paper tickets from physical locations like libraries, community centers, and vending machines, mostly paying in cash. This conventional method poses inefficiencies and challenges for transit agencies, as managing cash and vending machines is both costly and intricate. Additionally, this system keeps passenger identities anonymous, hindering agencies from collecting valuable customer data crucial...

2 Feb

TTG 2024 Award Finalist-Preventing Fare Evasion, Revolutionizing Mobility

In the dynamic landscape of modern transportation, the need for seamless integration and efficient management has never been more pronounced. The Intelligent Multimodal Aggregator, a finalist for the prestigious TTG 2024 Award, offering a groundbreaking solution that transforms the way we approach Mobility as a Service (MaaS). At the heart of this innovation lies ZED's multimodal transportation aggregation platform, swiftly deployed to empower transit agencies with comprehensive MaaS solutions. This cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrates various transportation modes, including on-demand services, fixed routes, vanpools, ADA/Paratransit, and bikeshares, allowing agencies to launch MaaS...

14 Mar

Contactless Payment Validation and Check-In for Public Transit and Events

ZED Digital offers Internet of Things (IoT)-based "smart environment" solutions that allow customers to make purchases using their phone in their pocket. ZIG makes it simple and convenient to buy and access tickets. Rev1 believes, and research supports, that firms with diverse leadership perform better. Yet, underprivileged founders (particularly women and people of colour) confront numerous hurdles when launching their firms, beginning with a lack of resources and early investment. DE&I Grants help level the playing field and build Ohio’s pipeline of innovative new companies. The firm has been awarded a...

10 Mar

Touchless Fare Collection with All-Door Boarding

Touch-less boarding is a critical step in protecting frontline transit workers and riders. Have you considered adding a sensor-based validator to your mobile ticketing app to validate payments? ZIG Transit integrates sensor technology and a smartphone app to let users validate contactless tickets and board at any door. Our no-touch sensor validators shorten boarding wait times while enhancing rider security. If the sensors are put at the front or back entrance, they will instantly connect via Bluetooth to the rider's smartphone and verify the ticket. To detect fare evasion, a live visual display...

2 Mar

Mobility as a service with multimodal trip planner

ZIG offers a big data platform with rider analytics that includes the trip origin and destination, first and last-mile forms of transportation, and system performance. The ZIG platform allows for multimodal trip planning with all forms of transportation by fusing many modes into a single itinerary, significantly increasing the efficiency and practicality of travel planning. For in-app booking of tolls, public transit, and other modes, ZIG provides a one-stop solution Users may acquire all the information they require in one location rather than looking up numerous transit alternatives and schedules across several sources....

24 Feb

Contactless ticketing for sports and attractions

ZIG helps users to access a venue using crowdless ticketing technology without having to physically engage with a ticketing operator or machine. It is becoming more and more common in places that wish to minimise crowds and wait times, human interaction, and encourage social estrangement. ZIG’s Internet of Things ( IoT ) sensors allow secure payments with a mobile phone. These over-the-air sensors offer safety benefits such as enabling faster and seamless payment, avoid touching payment processor surfaces, and swiping cards A seamless checkout experience for ticketing is not just a convenience, it's an expectation in today's digital...

ticketing solution
7 Jul

Ticketless Ticketing for Public Transit

How can ZIG Mobile Ticketing help you? ZIG, our fully automated mobile ticketing solution is the first of its kind to offer a completely hands-free experience to public transit riders. ZIG shifts the fare collection system from being ‘card tap’ or "scan centric", to fully hands-free ticketing where the user boards the bus with the phone in their pocket. Powered by our Internet of Things sensor-based fare validators installed onboard public transit vehicles, our mobile ticketing solution completely automates the ticketing experience for transit riders. ACCOUNT-BASED TICKETING Reduce proprietary tickets, cash onboard, and infrastructure...

cyber security
26 Jan

Cybersecurity for mobile ticketing

ARE YOU LOOKING TO PROCURE A MOBILE TICKETING SOLUTION? Cybersecurity for mobile ticketing solutions is of growing concern for Transit Agencies as the Pandemic has increased the use of contactless payments. Many high-profile attacks and breaches have reported a loss in millions. Transportation agencies have already been affected by the breach, but the right measures can be taken relative to customer education, service process rigor, payments technology, and fraud preventive and detective controls to mitigate the security risks. Securing a rider’s payment and purchases are essential to earning their trust and vital to the...

3 Nov

Covid-19 safety technologies for 2021

PROTECTION FOR RIDERS & DRIVERS While several studies do not find links between transit use and COVID-19 spread, the fear of contracting the virus on public transportation is a major obstacle for transit agencies.  With the Pandemic heating back up, here are some innovative contact-less technologies to restore rider’s confidence in public transportation. Here are some top transit technologies and tools you can leverage in 2021 to increase rider confidence in public transit and safeguard passengers’ and employees’ health. Contactless payment sensors to instantly collect fares. No more lineups at fareboxes!Real-time vehicle occupancy detectors to limit over-crowdingReal-time body...

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8 Oct

Most commonly asked questions about touchless fare validators for all-door boarding!

Touchless boarding is a critical step in protecting frontline transit workers and riders. Have you considered adding touchless validators to your mobile ticketing solution to validate payments, but you are unsure how it works for all-door boarding? ZIG Transit uses sensor technology and a smartphone app to enable passengers to board at any door with contactless ticket validation. Our solution enables hands-free boarding by validating fares instantly as users board, without riders having to remove their smartphone from their bags, scan a QR code, or tap a card. Our no-touch sensor...