3 Nov

Covid-19 safety technologies for 2021


While several studies do not find links between transit use and COVID-19 spread, the fear of contracting the virus on public transportation is a major obstacle for transit agencies.  With the Pandemic heating back up, here are some innovative contact-less technologies to restore rider’s confidence in public transportation.

Here are some top transit technologies and tools you can leverage in 2021 to increase rider confidence in public transit and safeguard passengers’ and employees’ health.

  • Contactless payment sensors to instantly collect fares. No more lineups at fareboxes!
  • Real-time vehicle occupancy detectors to limit over-crowding
  • Real-time body temperature assessment during boarding
  • Mask wearing detection sensors
  • Person to person Social distancing alerts
  • Introduce Rider Origin/Destination and Contact Tracing in your trip planner app
  • Communicate with riders via in-app messaging for alerts, next stop requests, and SOS signals


ZED provides the above contact-less technologies in a cell-phone sized unit. It has been proven to reinforce safety, boost customer experience, and increase ridership. 

Our solution enables unbanked riders to load cash to the mobile ticketing app at multiple retail outlets.

Non-smartphone users can procure smart cards at the same extensive retail network.  Our validator integrates a QR code reader where you can scan your paper ticket. There is no need to touch the validator surfaces.

All riders can board in the same touchless manner, thereby increasing adoption and safety to everybody.

Our over-the-air validator collects fares instantly as users board by connecting with their smartphones, without riders having to remove their phone from their bags, scan a QR code, or tap a card. No internet connection is required.


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