2 Mar

Mobility as a service with multimodal trip planner

ZIG offers a big data platform with rider analytics that includes the trip origin and destination, first and last-mile forms of transportation, and system performance.

The ZIG platform allows for multimodal trip planning with all forms of transportation by fusing many modes into a single itinerary, significantly increasing the efficiency and practicality of travel planning.

For in-app booking of tolls, public transit, and other modes, ZIG provides a one-stop solution

Users may acquire all the information they require in one location rather than looking up numerous transit alternatives and schedules across several sources. ZIG offers up-to-date information on traffic conditions and transit schedules. Users may be able to better plan their trips and steer clear of traffic congestion.

The key features of Mobility as a Service includes:

  • Integration of multiple modes of transportation
  • Plan trips for fixed route, on-demand, ADA, bikeshare, rideshare, and more
  • Real-time information
  • Sustainability and Optimization
  • Fixed Routes and Para-Transit.

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