24 Feb

Contactless ticketing for sports and attractions

ZIG helps users to access a venue using crowdless ticketing technology without having to physically engage with a ticketing operator or machine. It is becoming more and more common in places that wish to minimise crowds and wait times, human interaction, and encourage social estrangement.

ZIG’s Internet of Things ( IoT ) sensors allow secure payments with a mobile phone. These over-the-air sensors offer safety benefits such as enabling faster and seamless payment, avoid touching payment processor surfaces, and swiping cards

A seamless checkout experience for ticketing is not just a convenience, it’s an expectation in today’s digital age. It transforms your services into a Smart Experience, enhancing the safety of the customers. ZIG provides a fast and convenient way to purchase and access tickets. Customers can purchase tickets from anywhere using their mobile devices, and easily access their tickets without the need to queue up or wait in line.

Also, ZIG enables users to pay for transit fares and board buses with their phones in their pockets. In addition, the solution provides a real-time view of the crowding on buses on rider smartphones. It provides riders with a line-up-free, touchless, and hands-free boarding onto transit buses.

ZIG allows for contactless transactions providing a more streamlined, efficient, and safer way for passengers to travel.

This makes it easier for passengers to plan their journeys and avoid last-minute stress or rushing to purchase tickets at the bus station.


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