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7 Jul

No More Boring Homepages: 5 Ways To Personalize Your Website


What is Website Personalization? 5 ways to personalize your Business Website

So, what is website personalization? Many people believe that it is just a personalized website. While that is a start, personalization is so much more than content on a website. Many of us have seen personalization pages without realizing it was a website that implemented personalization. Think websites like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu. Now that’s personalization! Personalization can best be described as a company that created a data-driven online experiences just for you. That is, your website is tailored to your specific interests, on your previous actions on the website, rather than the static page everyone sees all the time. At ZED Digital, we specialize in website personalization and offer 5 tips on how you can implement Website Personalization in your business to give each of your customers their own rich experience about your products and services.


Tip 1: Provide First Time Visitors a Special Welcome
A first impression online is the same as it is offline; it can last a lifetime. When someone visits your site for the first time, this opportunity expresses their genuine interest in your products and services. Similarly, how would you treat a guest to your home? The same greeting that shares how unique your company is and the values that makes your business great. By giving each visitor a specialize welcome, you are demonstrating respect, knowledge, thoughtfulness, and your business sets itself apart from others. With competition online being fierce, your opening welcome could be the deciding factor on someone buying your product or using your service.


Tip 2: Embed Geolocation
The use of a geolocation service can be an effective way to obtain information about a customer’s country, state, city, or ZIP code. Geolocations can be so accurate that you can also determine where customers are within feet of your business. Some companies now use the customer’s location to share special content and promotions based on where the customer is on your website. For example, at ZED Digital, we have used Geolocation for a client that wanted to do work around the state, but wanted to also have a local presence. So, we took a list of area codes and created personalized landing pages geared specifically from the location where the person was visiting the website. The result: the client now has a statewide reach with a local feel, and increased volume and revenue by incorporating this personalization into his company’s website.


Tip 3: Treat Existing Customers Special
There is nothing worse for a customer than going to a website store and seeing specials geared solely toward first time buyers. Now, imagine you purchased a product or service, and returned the site the next day. However, instead of seeing the same sale for the item you just bought, you see accessories and new promotions to complement your prior day’s purchase. That is how personalization can help change the face of your website. When a customer comes to your site, you are not asking them to see or invest in the same thing repeatedly. The experience should be unique and special to that customer. Unfortunately, in working with thousands of websites, ZED Digital often sees too many websites remain focus on new customer acquisition, and not on returning customers. Personalizing your website with an added strategy toward existing customers can be the VIP tailored experience that turns customers into brand ambassadors that further drive revenue.


Tip 4: Encourage Customers to Connect with Social Media:
Letting your customers connect their social media accounts can be very beneficial for your business and your customers. It’s easier on your customers because it relieves them of the need to have to remember yet another username and password when logging onto your website. This is also an opportunity to provide you better insights and trends about your customers. For example, this enables you to understand your individual customer’s behaviors, spending habits, demographics, as well as products and services your customer prefer. Your business can then create customized promotions around those insights that authentically make the customer feel engaged with the content.


Tip 5: Be Mobile-Friendly
Most customers are on the go when they visit your website. According to Statcounter (, mobile and desktop computers are viewed about the same, but websites are now being viewed more on mobile devices than on desktop computers. With mobile web browsing on the rise, ensuring your website is personalized for mobile devices is a service that ZED Digital provides. We view this as a requirement, rather than an option to compete competitively in business.


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