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23 Jun

A Blog On Vlogs

Communicating your craft

You have a large mixing bowl, vital ingredients, and the motivation to create and share an awesome meal. You’ve also been cooking since you were a kid, so this is your passion. In fact, you have so many recipes and you just want to share them with the world! The internet is where you share what you know.

Cooking, is a very visual activity. Although all you need is the instructions to make a meal, you will hardly ever see a recipe without at least an image of the final product.
Cooking in today’s web setting is popularly communicated through quick step-by-step videos showing each part in the procedure of the recipe.

Now say you have a number of recipes that you wish to share and you think videos are the way to do it (they probably are). You will begin to develop a template for your videos that you can plug every recipe into. When your videos have a consistent voice, structure, theme, agenda, every time for every recipe, the videos begin to come together as a Vlog. The content will be the step by step instructions, as well as your personal dialogue (if you have any). All dialogue, written or spoken serves as the information. Together this information without a video is a blog (just text) but when you add footage to visually display this information it becomes a vlog.

Watchable wisdom

To briefly compare the nature of blogs and vlogs, blogs are simply information in text form. Many blogs are communicated in a diary-like tone and multiple authors often contribute to one blog. Like a forum, other users often can also comment to a blog. Now bring video into the mix and we are really cooking.

Let’s step out from in front of the oven. Vlogs can be about anything. Thoughts, interests, knowledge, your personal dreams and endeavors are all possible subjects for vlogs. You can really let people run with our content because they can comment, share, and even be inspired to create something themselves. To gain traffic and generate interest, that’s what vlogs are all about. Additionally, one of the benefits of vlogs are that they communicate on a personal level. This is great for large companies and smaller ones who simply wish to grow their audience. Videos are more accessible to this quickly evolving online user demographic. Images and words beautifully shown in a rectangle. No need to pull out the reading glasses, no need to scroll. People are getting busier and attention spans are becoming shorter.

Embedded benefits

Using keywords, tags, interesting titles, descriptions, linking your work to many platforms, are all ways to grow and attract more viewers. It’s so easy to watch videos online, they really are the premier vehicles of communication. Just think about how many views videos can get in a short time when they travel through social media. Anyone has the ability to capture worthy moments for video because nearly everyone has a video camera in their pocket.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

You’ve finally gotten some serious views on whatever platform you choose for your blog. Popular ones are YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Now you must deliver regularly. One or two video posts don’t make you a vlogger. When your audience can consistently rely on you for engaging videos and content then you will rock the web. Post too much and you will burn people out. Post too little and they’ll forget about you. You want to be able to post just enough that you will keep people captivated. If you’re videos are real good you may even encounter people going into the archives to check out your previous posts. This is a good thing and you can bet people will tune in again to see your latest wisdom. Weekly posting is usually a good timeframe to live by. You’ll have a dedicated following that can’t wait to cook with you every Thursday evening.

Be consistent in your posting pattern. Be consistent in your vlog branding. You can be informal if that is your tone or you can be serious. This is your work so the manner of which you show the world what you do is important because for the majority of people, they don’t know you in real life, just your videos. So being consistent is being reliable. Even if you are showing people how NOT to create your grandma’s secret casserole, they will appreciate that you can be a professional.


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