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3 May

ZED Digital to Present at COMTO National Conference: Digital Trends for Transportation


The Power of Web Personalization & Multi-Modal Transit Technology
In a recent two-year study on the psychology behind wayfinding strategies with major transportation agencies in the US, research demonstrated that transit agencies have eight seconds to provide useful answers to a customer’s questions before the consumer becomes frustrated and walks away*. In other words, agencies only have eight seconds to display all the transit information travelers needs for a successful first impression.


Multi-Modal Transit Technology and Web Personalization can provide transit agencies universal options integrated with a rider’s daily life. In short, this transit Personalization technology connects public transit agencies with each customer more effectively, more intuitively and most of all, more intelligently helping every individual ‘get around’ in more meaningful ways. Therefore, this technology saves time and money for the agency as well as each rider.


The “one-size fits all” design for transit websites and mobile apps are outdated. Today, trip personalization utilizing multi-modal technology is an emerging trend in the transit industry. The best-known example of trip personalization is Uber, where the content is personalized to the destination needs of each individual customer. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how trip personalization and the use of multi-modal transit software can revolutionize transit websites, increasing ridership by over 20%.




Image Source: Deloitte University Press: Digital-Age Transportation: The Future of Urban Mobility

During this session, participants will learn how to prepare a roadmap to customize their public transit websites and apps in branded, tailored elements focused on their customers. We will also demonstrate how Personalization technology is an effective strategy to strengthen the connection between public transit and each rider’s experience. There are three objectives of this presentation:

Increase ridership

  • Outcome: Attendees will learn how to increase ridership of their transit service by 20% utilizing Web Personalization and multi-modal transit technology in their website or app.
  • Measurable: Ridership data and revenue

Create a personalized experience by giving destination context

  • Outcome: Through real-world examples, attendees will learn how Trip Personalization can help increase visits/usage of your website or app.
  • Measurable: Surveys and Feedback

Save time using the power of Multi-modal Transit

  • Outcome: Attendees will learn how to provide all transportation (including subway, bus, train, bike share, and car share) options available at a specific location within eight seconds using real-time data on your website or app (including subway, bus, train, bike share, and car share)
  • Measurable: Click-throughs and time feedback

By learning more about Personalization technology, this can set your agency apart by providing a satisfying rider experience for your customers that will save time and increase revenue.

“ZED will be presenting at the COMTO National Conference July 14-18 in the Detroit Marriot at the Renaissance Center 400 Renaissance Dr. Detroit, MI 48243

Feel free to learn more about the conference here.”


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