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12 Apr

City of Gahanna Selects ZED Digital to Redesign Website


The city of Gahanna has chosen to partner with ZED Digital in working on the redesign and personalization of the City’s website. ZED Digital will be working closely with city departments to design homepages that are customized to fit the needs of residential, tourist, governmental, and business users that visit the city’s website.


Users will be able to select who they are and tailor their experience to what best suits their needs, lifestyle, activities, and work. They will also be able to interact with a city map to view neighborhood demographics, weather, traffic, local shopping, local services, and so much more.


The mayor, as part of his city plan, has been visiting and meeting with local businesses and community players as part of his Economic Development Strategy to identify the community’s economic potential to attract and retain high quality businesses and development in the city. Some of this input will go into making this website a resource for the residents and businesses.


ZED is pleased to call Gahanna their home and is eager to launch the State’s first-ever personalized municipal website. Gahanna is growing and this project will aim to place them at the forefront of Ohio municipalities and better serve their community.

The new public facing website is scheduled to launch in fall 2017.


To request a demo or schedule a meeting to learn more about Website Personalization, please feel free to give ZED a call at 614-523-3974 or fill out a contact form and a representative will be in touch.


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