6 Apr

ZED named Finalist in Healthcare Symposium Business Pitch Competition


This morning, April 6th 2017, at the South Central Ohio Healthcare Supplier Diversity Symposium, Sumithra had the privilege of speaking to an audience of over 350 healthcare C-level executives and professionals in a business pitch competition. ZED was selected as a finalist after 3 rounds of interviews and was invited to the Symposium to deliver a final speech to an executive panel of judges. She delivered the following pitch:

“Hello, I am Sumithra Jagannath, the president of ZED Digital, a Digital Software Enterprise headquartered in Columbus Ohio.


Imagine a future where your grandmother was having a heart failure and her wearable device could transmit her authorized records to her caregivers, physicians and listed emergency contacts. And as the ambulance arrived, what if they already had her personalized medical information available so they could come prepared to administer the right type of care for her? Even a few minutes gained could be life-saving, not to mention the obviously superior patient experience.


Imagine yet again, that you were diabetic and as you walked into your favorite restaurant, your smart phone identified the dishes you could order from their menu taking your diagnosis into consideration.


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the era of Digital Personalization where information is highly personalized and is delivered where you need it, how you need it and when you need it. This next era in information technology will revolutionize medicine and patient services.


ZED Digital provides a software platform that powers such personalized digital experiences for software, patient portals or websites. It aggregates data in real-time from multiple sources such as Electronic Health records, patient data, billing, hospital data and delivers it in a highly personalized manner based on the needs and preferences of each individual user.


Our technology can reduce patient readmissions and enhance the patient experience by over 80%.


We recently implemented personalization for a major healthcare website in Ohio. The flat, one-size-fits-all websites where every user sees the same home page, slide show, text or buttons is a thing of the past. Content now intelligently adapts to individual needs delivering a personalized version of the website to each visitor. Popular examples of website personalization include and Netflix.


To learn more about ZED’s personalization technology visit our website at Thank you all for your time and consideration of our business today for this competition.”


ZED is honored to take part in this effort as they quickly merge into the Healthcare Industry. As personalization becomes the norm, organizations offering a generic web experience will see fewer users, lower satisfaction scores, and a decrease in repeat patients. ZED Digital’s goal is to focus on engaging Midwest healthcare organizations who want to use web site personalization to decrease hospitalization and increase the quality of life through an increase in online usability and increase in repeat patients.

 You may learn more about our personalization here.





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