Website Personalization is a user-centered approach that can be used to identify opportunities for improving the holistic end-user experience. This approach puts the various users and their needs at the center and unearths important discoveries about end-user needs in the context of the end-to-end “customer journey”. This approach may help you understand what is important to the website user, identifies gaps in the existing experience, prioritizes what to focus on at key interactions, and identifies relevant solutions that can support the creation of content, design roadmaps and business cases for the website.

Personalization shows users that you respect their time. Gaining and maintaining their trust in your service is critical. For businesses, personalization allows you to extend your brand digitally to all people from all walks of life – a virtual assistant, if you will.

What Personalization Tools can identify

  • Place Of Work

  • Size Of Company

  • Revenue

  • Industry

  • Geo-Location

  • Device Used

  • Product Interest

  • Buying History

  • Site History

  • Number Of Visits

  • Search Terms

  • Price Sensitivity



Personalization Advantages

Individual Based Personalization
  • One on one conversations with your current and potential customers
  • Software allows for unification conversations across all channels and generate personalized experiences.
  • Audience segmentation divides information into more personalized sections so that users see content that is important to them.
Optimized Landing Pages
  • Instead of creating multiple static landing pages with a variety of designs and Calls-to-actions, real-time personalization allows you to create “smart” landing page with content, visuals, and CTAs that are adjusted depending on who lands on them.
More Qualified Leads
  • The more form fields, questions, and roadblocks you put in front of visitors, the less likely they are to become customers.
  • Tracking your visitors’ behaviors and web activity can determine their level of interest in your solution in addition to your interest in them.
  • Personalization drives particularly qualified leads when paired with Account Based Marketing.
Of companies fail to personalize their website
in-house marketers who personalize their web experiences see a 19% uplift in sales
Of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests.
Call-to-actions targeted to user had a 42% higher view-to-submission rate
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