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31 Aug

The Power of Transportation using Multi-Modal

 Imagine this…

A businesswoman leaves her home in the morning on her bicycle for the nearby bus stop. She determines her departure by looking at her mobile device to see how long it will take her to get to the bus stop and work. Once she rides her bike to the bus stop, she leaves her cycle in a secured bike parking facility she accesses with her universal fare card. Once the bus arrives, she gets on the bus using that same fare card. As she gets off the bus near work, she stops to grab a coffee and pays for her java with the same universal fare card. While waiting for her drink, she examines her appointments for the day, and reserves an electric vehicle for her 2pm meeting across town using the universal fare card. At the end of her work day, she goes to the closest bus stop, rides the bus to the transit station near her home and where her bike is, picks up her bike and pedals home.  This is not imagination. This is multimodal transportation happening around the world as you read this.

In the United States, with one-third of the carbon footprint auto-related, there has never been a greater need for multi-modal, or alternative transportation options. With construction, traffic pile ups, service disruptions, and limited transportation routes, the unveiling of multimodal technology comes at an opportune time and ZED Digital is proud to be a part of the solution. ZED Digital lead the way with Multi Modal by offering customers transit visualization and real-time data; now, riders can see transportation options and payment in their mobile device with Multi Modal. Multi Modal, ZED Digital’s latest innovation, helps reduce road congestion by digitally connecting all transportation services in the area to create a seamless transit and payment experience for its citizens.

Riders now have the ability to connect with other transportation options, including bikes, shared car services, electric cars, trains, and light rail. This application also enables riders to tap into nearby transport options from the website or app to assist with their trip planning.  Multi Modal provides equitable transit options that take advantage of tech-oriented transportation and infrastructure innovations with integrated payment solutions to optimize transportation services.

ZED Digital also has advanced technology applications which can include an on-board mobile data information regarding schedules, real-time vehicle diagnostics, bike rack sensors and wheelchair lift sensors for transportation.

ZED Digital’s effort to promote alternative transportation options to driving a car is just one of the ways our company focuses on sustainability,” shares Sumithra Jagannath, CEO and President for ZED Digital. “There are many benefits to multi-modal transportation. There are the obvious health benefits, but multimodal transportation also has a positive impact on local air quality. And many times, it is more convenient than using one transportation service.”


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