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13 Sep

ZED Digital recognized for prestigious web excellence award

ZED Digital Wins at the Annual Web Excellence Awards Competition

Basel, Switzerland – Sep 12, 2022  – The Web Excellence Awards, a leading international interactive web awards competition, has announced the 2022 award winners to highlight this year’s “best of the best” in web design and development.

ZED Digital was recognized for their excellence with the excellence award for the “Apps & Mobile – IoT” and “Apps & Mobile – Travel categories.

We are excited to receive this global recognition amidst global competition from more than 950 entries, said Sumithra Jagannath, President of ZED Digital. With this award, ZIG has been recognized as a pioneer in be-in-be-out ticketing solution for the travel and attractions industry. ZIG Internet of Things technology with the mobile app offers ticketless ticketing where you can pay and enter venues with the phone in your pockets, without line-ups or crowding. 

In this high-tech digital world, the role of creative artists has become central to every domain. Be it developing a website or mobile app, working on social media campaigns, or producing videos, the role played by these creators cannot be underestimated. Their dedication and creativity are laudable from designers to creators, freelancers, creative agencies, and entrepreneurs worldwide. With this idea in mind, the Web Excellence Awards brings one of the most prestigious competitions to promote excellence on the Web and applaud the incredible works of creative artists. Like every competition, the Web Excellence Awards is pleased to have received hundreds of entries from all across the world and is now announcing the winners.

The 7th Web Excellence Awards competition saw over 950 entries from 37 countries worldwide, including 42 US States and other countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, Israel, New Zealand, Poland, India, Turkey, Germany, etc. The Web Excellence Awards winners are selected by marketing gurus, advertisers, communications specialists, and web experts. These experts base their evaluation on the innovation, creativity, implementation, and impacts of all the projects submitted.

The Web Excellence Awards primarily aim to acknowledge and promote creative ideas, business models, and innovative technologies on the Web. The Excellence Awards winners are chosen from six categories: website, advertising & marketing, video and podcast, apps & mobile, social media, and printing. Each category then further includes themes ranging from activism to health and beauty, fitness, sports, travel, and so on. These winners inspire millions to think out of the box through their work and innovative approach. Due to the constantly evolving nature of digital media and the emergence of distinguished artists, the task of choosing the winners has not only been challenging but also astounding. For more information, visit the Web Excellence Awards online:

About WE-Awards

The Web Excellence Awards provides a platform for entrepreneurs, web developers, and digital gurus to showcase their work and participate in web awards competitions held regularly across the globe. It aims to become one of the most prestigious web competitions to accolade winners’ creativity, innovation, and dedication.

About ZED Digital

ZED Digital is a female-led technology company based in Columbus OH, USA, with international offices in Montreal, QC, Canada, and Chennai, India. Founded in 2005 by Sumithra Jagannath, a driven and passionate entrepreneur, the company first introduced its Internet of Things based smart ticketing solution in 2018 onboard public transit buses in the USA. It has since successfully expanded the solution to the travel and attractions market to manage payment and line-ups related to ticketing and retail sales. The Mission of the ZIG solution is to enable people to Travel, Places, Safely.


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