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24 Jun

ZED’S Ticketless Ticketing Named Top 3 in Global Awards

ZED ranked among the top 3 in mobile ticketing awards for public transportation

June 23, 2021

ZED Digital Smart Bus solution ZIG was named among the top three Ticketing Technologies of the Year, in the Digital Transport Ticketing Awards Challenge for 2021. This award is the most coveted and challenging category. It selects the best ticketing technologies each year that are set to transform ticketing as we know it.

ZIG is the first be-in-be-out ticketing solution to be successfully introduced in North America. This Internet of Things sensors with a mobile app offers ticketless ticketing and completely streamlines the mobile ticketing purchase and boarding process for riders. It enables users to pay for transit fares and board buses with the phone in their pockets. In addition, the solution provides a real-time view of the crowding and social distancing on buses on rider smartphones. It provides riders with a line-up-free, touchless, and hands-free boarding onto transit buses.

The ZIG solution combines Mobility as a Service trip planner. It enables users to plan trips, pay, and way find places of interest in one single app. It displays travel time and costs to reach the venues via different transportation modes including car, bus, rail, rideshare, bikeshare, scooters, taxis, interurban travel with Greyhound, and more. Toll road alternatives with costs are featured.

The app can sync to the rider’s calendar or Fitbit to encourage timely, healthy, and green mobility options for their trip. The ZIG app is available now on the App Store and Google Play, with links at


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