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22 Dec

2015 Web Design Tips

As 2014 comes to a close, we want to take a look ahead into what web design will have in-store for 2015. If you are a small business looking to grow your online presence, here are some tips that can really increase conversions from your website.


The first is to create a responsive website which:

  • Allows your website to respond to the size of your screen (adjusts size according to device and orientation)
  • Is designed to give users a better experience
  • Provides easier navigation and flow through the website from a mobile device

Why It’s Needed:

  • As more website traffic comes from mobile devices, Google and other search engines put higher value into responsive sites making them a key factor in ranking and search engine optimization.
  • Provides better user experience for customers and prospective customers

If you have been wondering why your website has recently been dropping off Page1 of search results, it may well be because your site is not responsive.


The next thing we look at is the website content. Ensure your content addresses your visitors’ buyer personas and address multiple decision-making styles. One tip that can dramatically boost conversions is adding a lead form to your homepage. This alone can increase leads by 20%-40%. For e.g. adding a lead form to the site increased conversion by 30%!


These tips are a good start, but we expect to see bigger and better things in 2015. Longer scrolling screens with big, full-screen images are more effective for mobile devices. Better images that tell a story on your website will capture visitors’ attention and pull them in. Finally, we want to see improved website performance. Websites that load faster and consume less bandwidth need to become more prominent in 2015.


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