12 May

Columbus Startup streamlining the Customer Experience in Public Venues

The platform from ZED Digital improves the effectiveness of crowd management.

To ensure their safety, comfort, and effective mobility, huge crowds of people are managed and directed in public areas, at events, or at venues. To prevent crowding, congestion, and potential risks like stampedes, riots, or accidents, effective crowd control is crucial. Pre-planning, communication, crowd control measures, and technological integration are all part of effective crowd management strategies.

Venues and event planners may better crowd control and enhance the overall customer experience by utilizing a variety of solutions, including digital ticketing, crowd monitoring systems, and AI-powered analytics. Crowd management has become an essential component of risk management and public safety as a result of the size and complexity of public events growing.

The usage of the platform on public transport proliferated with the start of the epidemic as a hands-free, effective means to board buses while making sure fares were being paid. The business went to other environments that might profit from its technology after receiving that endorsement from riders. Jagannath and her colleagues discovered that it might reduce wait times inside venues as well as the length of admission lines.


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