11 Mar

Internet of Things Technology Use in Urban Planning for Smart Cities

This latest technology provides valuable data and analytics insights for modern-day city planning

thumbnail_Untitled design (4)High-speed internet and the increasing use of smartphones on a daily base over the last decade have led to increased use of emerging technology such as the Internet of Things. The average US adult spent 3:34 hours/day on mobile devices in 2019, according to EMarketer Inc. This trend will continue through 2020 and has now led to the onset of the use of mobile apps where riders can receive on-demand and integrated mobility options for riding public transportation, rideshare, and bike-share services all in one single app.

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Internet of Things devices installed at various locations such as public transportation services, malls, traffic lights, hospitals, entertainment centers provides a wealth of data, helping improve service planning, operational analysis, resource allocation, corridor studies, transportation forecasting, and more. These devices consist of Bluetooth or NFC (Near field communication) based sensors that seamlessly connect with each other or with smartphone apps to gather data in a seamless manner.

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IoT sensors enable users to pay for services or to gain access to various locations in a city. In return, they provide valuable real-time streaming data on how people move around and use services including:

  • Trip origins and destinations of public transit compared to private transportation, rideshares, and bike-shares in the city
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles and traffic along multimodal lines and services
  • Which places and destinations are popular and how do they compare with transportation routes?
  • Where are the food or health care deserts in a city?
  • What modes of transportation are used most to visit venues like malls, stadiums or events?
  • ravel patterns to and from a neighborhood

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