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28 Apr

Security Vulnerability on WordPress Websites

This past week, there have been increased incidences of hacking on WordPress websites and is likely to continue for several more weeks. If hacked, your website may be unavailable for use until restored.

Anyone using a WordPress website should take certain immediate actions to ensure their websites are secure.

What should I do?

As there is no simple way of knowing the exact source or cause of the attacks, our best advice is to perform preventative maintenance by checking weekly for updates to any WordPress themes or plugins and apply updates those available as soon as possible.

We strongly recommend continuing to check websites for updates, on an ongoing basis. It is important to always keep the WordPress installation and associated plugins and themes up to date.

How can ZED help?

To respond to this heightened risk, our team at ZED provides the following services:

  1. Preventive maintenance services

This involves regular checks new versions, themes, plugins and updates to your WordPress platform and updating them to the latest versions.

  1. Emergency cyber attack recovery services

ZED’s emergency support services are available 24X7 to restore websites impacted by cyber attack incidents.

Please contact us if you would like to learn about how you may protect your website.


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