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30 Mar

Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

When a company decides to redesign their website or build a new one, there are 3 factors that often get forgotten:

  1. Website strategy. Many companies decide they want a new, prettier website and don’t stop to think about how it will be utilized to add value to their business.
  2. How much you’ll have to spend to see a return on investment. In order to develop a website that will generate leads and sales, you have to commit to invest time and money into the website.
  3. How long it will take to see a return on investment. Even great websites typically don’t grow your business right away. It can take years before your investment starts to really pay dividends.

How far along is my website strategy, and how do I figure out the perfect balance of strategic, financial, and time investment?

The maturity of your website strategy will depend on your level of strategy and investment on your website. This graph explains the strategy versus investment balance.

marketing strategy vs investment zed digital columbus ohio

Stage 1. A website that was created just to be there and is not checked and updated regularly is in the most infantile stage of maturity and is far from being a reliable source of business.

Stage 2. When businesses decide to start taking their website more seriously, the next phase they typically gravitate towards is a keyword-based SEO plan and email marketing. This stage requires an incremental increase in either strategy or investment, but doesn’t properly integrate the two.

Stage 3. This is the stage at which your website can be a reliable source of revenue. Marketing across all channels is integrated to provide a clear and consistent marketing message. Social media, email marketing, paid search, SEO, and direct marketing are all woven together to drive business through the website. An example of a Stage 3 website is Dublin Dance.

Stage 4+5. If you want to create a website and online presence that makes every other business in your industry envious, then you need a website that is high on strategy and investment. At this stage of the game your website starts to be the online hub of information in your market and you start your journey towards becoming an authority website in your industry. This is the level at which your competitors ask their webmasters why their website isn’t as great.

An example of how this plan can be successful can be seen in the case study for this Millwork Company. They relied on expensive offline marketing tactics like radio, magazine, and direct mail prior to their website renovation.

We recommended a plan that would make them the online authority in their industry. After only one short year, their walk-ins increased by 5X and their online revenue increased by 3X. They decided to reinvest in high online strategies and it paid off. 7 years later, their walk-ins are up 5X and their online revenues are up 10X. Now they’re the online leader in their industry.

Which stage (1-5) is your organization’s current Digital Marketing strategy?

Where do you want to be in 3-5 years?

We can devise a short, medium, or long-term strategic plan specifically designed to help your business grow.


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