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16 Oct

13 Unusual Blogging Tips


At Zed Digital, we sometimes find it difficult to come up with creative content. Like many bloggers, inspiration can just run dry some days. When we’re running out of ideas here are some tips and tricks we fall back on. They might be a little out of the ordinary, but these tips can help you find the inspiration to continue creating amazing content.

  1. Go for a walk. Get away from the computer screen and just enjoy the sights and sounds around you. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take another stab at it after a nice long walk.
  1. Exercise your creative muscles. Listen to music, draw a picture, or take some pictures. Shifting your creative mind away from blogging for a while can open up new avenues of inspiration.
  1. Talk about something you really like. Pick anything you’re passionate about and find a way to tie it into your blog topic. Your content will be much more impactful if you’re passionate about the topic.
  1. Sleep on it. Get a good 8 hours of rest and come back ready to edit. Leaving your content alone for a while and then coming back to it after a good night’s sleep can give you a whole new outlook. You might end up scrapping what you did the day before, but it’ll be for the best in the long run.
  1. Use a pop culture reference. Think of a way to tie your blog into your favorite TV show, song, or movie. It’s easier for people to relate to a pop culture reference and it can make complex topics easier to understand.
  1. Tell a story visually. Can you tell this story with pictures or a video? People respond better to visual images and sometimes it’s more effective to explain or show something using visuals. Plus, this can reduce the amount of actual writing you have to do.
  1. Express a controversial opinion. Find a blog post or a news article and make an argument about why you disagree with the author. People like controversy and a polite argument that opposes a popular opinion can generate buzz.
  1. Read a lot. The best sources of inspiration are already out there – you just have to find them. Compile a bunch of information from a variety of sources and use it put your own creative spin on the topic.
  1. Write a lot. Sometimes the best thing to do is to force yourself to just keep writing. Not all of it will be good, but go back and pick out the parts that you like and turn it into something people will care about.
  1. Ask for ideas. You don’t have to be afraid to ask for help. If you have a good following, ask your audience through social media for some ideas. They’ll want to hear your take on some topics. If you’re still building an audience, ask your friends. They can be a great source of inspiration.
  1. Write a story. Think about a time you we’re successful and what you learned. Share it with people so that they can benefit too. Or think about a time you failed and then what you learned from it. Let your audience know how they can avoid the same mistakes. People can relate to you successes and failures so it’s a humanizing way to connect with your audience.
  1. Interview someone. This can be an outstanding way to produce loads of content. Take some time to interview a customer, an expert in the field, etc. You’ll find all kinds of ways to repurpose the content. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars either. You might be surprised to find who will agree to an interview if you take the time to ask politely.
  1. Keep a notepad. Inspiration can pop up out of nowhere. Keep a notepad handy so you can jot down ideas when they come to you.

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