Queue-less entry


ZIG’s queue management system enables you to practically manage customers throughout their interactions with your organization and make that journey as comfortable and smooth as possible. It also helps you understand how your customers and employees engage, providing you the insights you need to improve both the customer experience and the operational efficiency.



Improve access to services with appointment scheduling
By offering customers to schedule appointments, you can estimate the expected number of customers. In the article, Appointment scheduling solution: What, how, and why, you can learn more about the benefits of appointment systems.

Decrease actual waiting time by better time management
The Queue Management System helps you identify how you can streamline the entire customer journey.

Reduce customer uncertainty with notifications and messaging
With our Queue Management System, customers  get SMS or email notifications with reminders of their appointments, information about how to prepare for their appointment and even self check-in links. With messaging through for example digital signage, it is possible to share details such as the number of open counters, services offered, current waiting, and transaction times.

Keep customers entertained with media solutions in the waiting area
By integrating media displays with a Queue Management System you keep the waiting customer both entertained and informed, which in turn decreases their perceived waiting time.

Identify bottlenecks and improve
By gathering data throughout the customer journey, such as service times and waiting times, you can get a complete overview of your current service performance.

Allow customers to wait wherever they prefer with a mobile ticket
Enable customers to get a mobile ticket instead of a physical one with your Queue Management System. This means that the customer can wait where they like and spend their time wisely which both decreases the risk of crowded lobbies and increases the customer’s waiting experience.

Enable staff planning and increase staff mobility
Gathering real-time data, the Queue Management System can facilitate the manager’s staff planning. It helps managers get a balanced and controlled waiting period and distribute staff where they are most needed.

Match the right competence to each case
A Queue Management System enables organizations to segment customers in different queues, rather than entering all customers in the same line.

Improve personalization of service delivery
A Queue Management System offers several opportunities for improved personalization.