Be-in be-out


With this first-of-a-kind Smart Validation solution, the rider will board the bus with a purchased ticket with the Bluetooth mode enabled on their phone.


  • Plan for a trip and purchase fares with the mobile app.
  • The rider decides if they would like to use the Bluetooth based automatic validator or if they would like to scan their QR code on the phone.
  • In the automatic scan mode, the mobile app notifies the users to turn on their phone’s Bluetooth port.
  • The user then activates a ticket using a one-click action before boarding.
  • As the rider boards the vehicle, the Bluetooth validator on the bus will communicate with the rider’s mobile phone and auto validate the ticket while the phone remains in the user’s pocket.
  • The driver will see a green light on the sensor unit indicating a valid ticket or a red light indicating an invalid one.
  • In the case of red light, the driver can verify the authenticity of the ticket using the barcode/QR code scanner or using visual validation: color the time remaining for the ticket to expire (moving second by second), the date and will see if it is a special fare (discount ticket), touch screen to ensure this is not a screenshot.
  • For all door boarding, both front and rear doors on a vehicle can have validators installed. Each validator functions independently of the other.
  • Touch-less Next Stop request to the driver from the mobile app. No more pulling chords or touching bus surfaces!
  • Touch-less SOS emergency requests and alerts to drivers and control rooms in case of health emergencies onboard.