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…Just in Time Transit

Watch Your Transit Move in Real-Time

ZIG is a transportation visualization tool with mobile device compatibility providing interactive, personalized route detail, arrival and departure information, and real-time tracking along transit lines.

  • ZIG gives riders control planning their trips.
  • Informs transit users of their transit’s location and calibrated travel times.
  • Uses latest standards in transit data visualization with GTFS real-time standards established by Google.
  • Through data analytics and geo-mapping, ZIG enables better transparency for transportation users.

Visible, Transparent, Real-Time Information

No more wondering where your transit is located. You can view relevant routes and shipments in real-time.

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Transit Marketing 3

Providing the Fastest,Up-to-Date Routes

  • Map shows where you are and when you will get there.
  • Allows for specified sharing for safe, easy pickup.
  • Communicates when you need to leave and how to arrive at the nearest stop.

We power the online technology for transportation authorities and shared mobility providers to get you moving.