Search Engine Optimization

We have developed an SEO strategy and technology that work together to elevate search rankings of websites for specific keywords. This is a combination of SEO and content distribution strategy that enables websites to:

  • Gain multiple positions on page 1 of search engines for a particular keyword
  • This results in dominance for the organization on search results
  • The website and related properties become content authorities on search engines for these keywords

This example shows how ZED helped drive SEO for healthcare institutions. First, ZED helped a major clinical research company in Columbus, OH, Aventiv Research, attain Google dominance on page 1 with traffic increasing 5‐fold! Our strategy effectively helped to push their major competitor OSU Medical Center out of page 1 of Google, ensuring Google search dominance for Aventiv Research. The same went for our work with Ohio Allergy Clinic who jumped far above companies like health and WebMD. Their top 3 presence on Google helped drive traffic and categorize them as an authority site in the region.

Software Development Process
Software Development Process

ZED digital will work with you on all four areas in the pie chart. As can be seen, the Integrated Marketing and Strategic SEO phases involve implementing the content marketing strategies for your business. The Customer Engagement denotes website navigation and content display strategies. As can be noted, a good amount of time will also be spent on implementing advanced analytics and tracking on all social channels, website landing pages, blogs and other content avenues to measure the impact of the new strategy. Two statistics that are helpful in measuring this activity are macro conversions and micro conversions:

Macro conversions – The big transactions in the customer’s online journey. Examples would be orders, payments completed, forms successfully downloaded, logins created or contacts received on contact forms. These are measurements of the ultimate goal and purpose of your website.

Micro conversions – These are all of the smaller interactions that lead to macro conversions. Examples include # clicks on a button during A/B testing, page views of a press release, a fan following a link on one of the Facebook posts, or the number of times an online form was downloaded.

Google Analytics generally pays attention to the number of page visits or page views to your website on a daily basis. This is certainly relevant information, but it tells you very little about how your visitors feel about you before or after they leave your website. Effective Internet  Marketing  involves not just knowing that your website converts visitors and is optimized, but how people got there to begin with. Where did they come from? Why did they come there? What motivated them to contact you? These are all very important  questions that micro conversions can help answer.