Ohio-wide Property Searches

“A leading credit bureau obtained 10 times increased efficiency in conducting state-wide property evaluation searches in one click.”

A leading Credit Bureau Agency based in Columbus Ohio was looking for an automated solution to search the 88+ county auditor websites across the State of Ohio in one single search.

ZED Digital developed a Web-based portal for aggregating property valuation information from the 88 county auditor websites in the State of Ohio.  This large scale content aggregation system provided real estate property information to power the credit bureau’s data repositories. In this engagement, ZED Digital built and serviced an enterprise content aggregation engine that aggregated, organized and delivered property searches from the 80+ county auditor websites in one unified interface.

Services Provided


Using our unique data aggregation engine CloserLook Search®, ZED provided a customized Invisible Web Search for its employees to search multiple public record sites online in real-time from within a single interface. In addition to being a time-saver, this unified search tool reduced training time for new employees by eliminating the need to learn varied search protocols of 88+ sites.


ZED developed a web portal that unified the search results from multiple data sources onto a single web interface. The end-user could trigger searches across the entire state with one click, a real time-saver when compared to prior manual methods.


This project show-cases ZED’s state-of-the art web search technology and large-scale Software Development expertise


ZED’s Invisible Web Searches were used to unify data from web-based sources as well as internal data sources. This made it possible to cross-reference data between internal and public data sources, bringing unprecedented insight and reliable intelligence to the user’s fingertips.


Counties Searched
Efficiency ( # Times)

This search enables real-estate searches for the current property being sold as well as the new property being purchased simultaneously, irrespective of which county the property was located in.