NFC smart cards


We support and Combine multiple modes in a single validator including Bluetooth, QR code validation, and NFC. The contactless EMV option was available. Hardware supports Smartphones and Smart cards.

We provide other alternative validation methods QR code, and NFC modes. Eliminates the need for visual validation
Fare cards branded to your agency, are prepaid rider cards that use Near-field communication - NFC technology to minimize the amount of contact during boarding. Our hardware validators onboard Agency’s buses will fully support conventional smart cards besides providing advanced hands-free mobile ticket validation technology. The figure below illustrates the hardware having Bluetooth and an NFC interface.
Our support for smart cards that can be validated with NFC based readers on the bus ensures that users without online accounts or credit/debit cards can recharge their fare cards at retail locations such as drug stores or grocery stores by paying cash.
NOTE : Users with mobile phones who wish to pay cash to top up their mobile app accounts can also use this feature.


We provide Open Payment capability where riders can pay with credit cards directly onboard the rail cars. Users can pay with their contact-less credit, debit, prepaid card, or payment on readers installed onboard Metrolink trains for an easy and secure way to pay and ride transit.