Sumithra Jagannath


Sumithra's Bio

Sumithra Jagannath is a driven, technology-focused President with deep roots in software development, custom enterprise search engine development and digital marketing strategies. She is the Owner of ZED Digital (, a digital software enterprise based in Columbus, Ohio. ZED Digital provides web & mobile application development and digital marketing solutions to help businesses grow their online revenues and become authorities in their market.

Ms. Jagannath is a McGill University post graduate and served as professor of software usability at Concordia University graduate school in Montreal, Canada. She founded a consulting firm in software usability fresh out of college and has not looked back since. She now sits on the Web Development Board of Advisors at Franklin University and is the Vice President for Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. Her expertise stems from her passion for computers and 20+ years of experience in software development and implementing usability engineering processes in organizations such as utility companies, banks and Government organizations.

Her flagship product for transit called ZIG has provided state of the art technology in trip planning to leading transit organizations in the country such as Central Ohio Transit Authority and Greater Cleveland RTA.

Her technology has been mentioned in leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, London Times and The Hindu Business Line and was also named as a finalist to the Canadian Octas awards and BizTech Innovation awards.

She is a spirited entrepreneur, public speaker and the proud mother of a beautiful daughter. She was elected to the Who's Who of entrepreneurs and Oser au Feminin, a French publication of powerful women in business and won the Minority Business Enterprise of the Year in the Biztech Awards from Columbus Business First. Through her career, Ms. Jagannath has led international teams based in Canada, India, USA and South Africa.

DR Srini Ramaswamy


Srini's Bio

Dr. Srini is passionate about design of large scale software-integrated systems that impact quality of human life.

  • Strong track record in fostering highly functional global teams that engage in thoughtful risk taking and creative problem-solving in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Demonstrated global technology management expertise with experiences in managing local, remote, outsourced/offshore and virtual technical/cross-functional teams.
  • Deep understanding of software development and project management expertise across the product life cycle promoting highly effective product development (Waterfall, Agile) approaches and project execution with a focus on Performance, Quality, Cost and Innovation and Continuous Improvement; while balancing new feature development with paying down historical technical debt.
  • Ability to manage and lead a culturally diverse, world-class software development team within the organization to achieve superior results while anticipating risks and roadblocks
  • Actively consulted as an expert on legal cases involving globally outsourced projects, identity theft and POS credit card authentication cases.

Data Aggregation for Smart Cities and Transportation, Technical / Engineering Management (Software and Systems), Program/Project Management, New technology scouting and evaluation, Vision / strategy development and execution, software development process adaptation and improvement, Industrial Automation systems, Energy, Power & Water Systems, Healthcare systems, Healthcare IT, Big Data, Cloud Computing.
Enjoy travel, reading, writing, speaking to students and educational advocacy issues. Have traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Americas; enjoy visits to natural and man made wonders; visited the Amazon, Galapagos, Stonehenge, Fjords, Pompeii, Millau Viaduct, Cricket 'holy' grounds (Lords and MCG), Himalayas, Alps, Andes (Cotapaxi, Chimborazo) and the Rockies.
DR Srini Ramaswamy


Martin's Bio

Frank T. Martin is an Hall of Fame awardee for 2016 by the American Public Transit Association. He has spent more than three decades in the transit industry including private and public sectors in senior management (Senior Vice President - Atkins and Vice President – First Transit formally ATE Management and Service Company, Inc. respectively) for two global transportation and engineering companies and as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer for several of the nations’ top transit organizations.

As a public servant, Frank developed the reputation as a skilled and accomplished public transportation management executive solving some of the most complex issues facing the public transit industry. He carried the same skills into the private sector for over the past ten years becoming a trusted advisor, as well as emerging as one of the industry’s preeminent business development and sales strategist.

Mr. Martin has extensive experience in business development and sales, urban and regional planning, including over 40 years of experience in managing and directing transportation projects focusing on multidisciplinary and complex planning, administration, and operations and maintenance; analyzing program systems and processes; and developing business plans and strategies to optimize operating efficiency.

He has served as a general manager and chief operating officer for several of the nation’s top transit systems and has served in an oversight capacity for the implementation of programs from South Florida (South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, formerly Tri-Rail) to Northern California (ACE, Caltrain, and Capital Corridor) while working as the chief operating officer for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).

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… Experience Hands-free travel

ZIGPay™, our Mobile Ticketing and Touchless Fare collection use sensors driven by a mobile app, for onboard fare validation. Our over-the-air solution enables hands-free all-door boarding by collecting fares instantly as users board, without riders having to remove their smartphone from their bags, scan a QR code, or tap a card. No internet connection is required. 

Download our Touchless Mobile Ticketing whitepaper to learn more.


  •  Safeguard passengers & employees
  •  Increase ridership and ticket sales
  •  Reduce fare collection costs and fraud
  •  Minimal ongoing maintenance
  •  Improve Customer’s Experience

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This unique solution responds to the latest public health requirements for a contactless payment system. Our hands-free system promotes social distancing, faster onboarding, avoid lines, crowding around fare boxes, and people touching the same surfaces, minimizing exposure to any virus. We introduced new tools you can leverage your mobile ticketing to increase rider confidence in public transit and safeguard riders’ and employees’ health, such as real-time vehicle occupancy sensors, social distancing alerts, contact tracing data, contactless body temperature assessment, and mask detection. Download our Covid-19 Protection for riders and drivers whitepaper to learn more.

Key Features

    • Online Ticket purchase and reservation to limit capacity
    • Pay via mobile wallet, credit card, or cash using retail network
    • Fare validators that provide hands-free and contactless boarding
    •  Real-time vehicle location and capacity to avoid over-crowding
    •  Issues signal alarms and alerts to drivers and control rooms
    •  Tracks origin and destination data
    • All-door boarding capability to keep social distance
    • Touchless Next Stop request to the driver from the mobile app
    • Social distancing alerts to keep passengers safe
    • Contactless Body Temperature assessment
    • Frictionless mask-wearing detection
    • Fare Evasion Detection System (FEDS)
    • Supports users without internet connectivity
    • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) integration
    • Corporate and Rewards program integration

All-door boarding FAQ

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ZED’s Internet of Things based validators is the only technology that tracks origin and destination data with a high level of accuracy and without the tediousness of high-volume data processing.

Visit the Mobility as a Service page to know more about mobility data aggregation features for Transit systems.


Our solution enables unbanked riders to load cash to the mobile ticketing app at multiple retail outlets.

Non-smartphone users can procure smart cards at the same extensive retail network.  Our validator integrates a QR code reader where you can scan your paper ticket. There is no need to touch the validator surfaces.

All riders can board in the same touchless manner, thereby increasing adoption and safety to everybody.


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Even agencies with a small budgets can benefit from this technology on their vehicles. ZIG validators are 2-3 times less expensive than other mobile ticketing validators. Your agency can enjoy the benefits of our validators whether or not you have an existing solution. ZIGPay Mobile Ticketing and Touchless Fare collection can be up and running in just weeks!. 



ZIG Transit is a complete personalized solution. Your branded app will be available for free on Apple and Play Store with the features of your choice.


Update the public trip-planning experience with personalized journeys and real-time traffic data.


Easily combine and visualize data from multiple sources in one place.

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