We have a wide variety of experience on custom software and web-portal development for large-scale and small business projects. We have experience in the implementation of large-scale software development projects for government and fortune 500 entities.

Our custom software is tailored to your business needs to help increase efficiency, solve any business challenges you may have, and increase your return on investment.

Web Portal Development

Portals are the single point of access to applications and information on a website. A production portal is always live and available to end users, or the users who edit and create content for the website on the back-end.  There is a lengthy list of the many features and benefits of apply a portal to your website.  Portals allow you to maintain consistent and savvy content management in creation, management, and delivery of content. Portals also allow the ability to apply content from multiple disparate data sources called content re-purposing. Additionally, portals have the options of making a faster and profitable workflow, as well as allow for a single sign-on that allows users to log on once for all applications within the individual portal.

Data aggregation software

We have developed a software called CloserLook search®. This invisible search engine can be used to aggregate and unify data from multiple independent web-based databases into one single destination in real-time. Intelligent analysis and business logic can then be applied to this unified data to derive meaningful reports.

Intranet Development

Intranet is best described as a team of developers who build solutions that are customized to meet the overall business and IT’s needs. Just like the internet, the Intranet is a road-map to what content is published and what technology will be used in the process. Intranet trends follow closely to the latest trends seen on the internet. Our team of intranet developers provide solutions to fit the needs of the size of your business and gives the properties to grow as your business grows.  The major benefits our intranet development team is that you are ensured that your secure information is protected, and best of all, able to be easily maintained.

Software Development Process