The suspension of the stay at home, and business closure orders helped keep economies alive, but public transportation is still not recovering from the health crisis. The sector faces a challenge even more complicated: the lack of confidence in riding public transportation.

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To honor our mission of making public transportation safe, sustainable, and convenient, we continued to innovate to support transit agencies with their new challenges.  Since March, ZED Digital has continually updated our transit solutions to help authorities to change perceptions and restore rider’s confidence.


In addition to promoting a Be In Be Out solution, ZIG, our all-in-one sensors, can reinforce safety, boost customer experience, and increase ridership during and post-pandemic. We introduced touchless mobile ticketing technology back in 2019, where riders can board with the phone in their pocket, avoiding lineups and waits around fare boxes.  ZED Digital Mobile Ticketing Technology uses over-the-air sensors which are driven by a mobile app, for onboard fare validation. The over-the-air fare validators enable hands-free boarding by collecting fares instantly as users board, without riders having to remove their smartphone from their bags, scan a QR code, or swipe a card. This touch-free system avoids crowding near fare boxes and avoids touching validator surfaces. We have now added some exclusive touchless features to our already unique frictionless mobile ticketing experience.

Here are new tools you can leverage your  mobile ticketing to increase rider confidence in public transit and to safeguard riders and employees,  such as: 

  • Occupancy sensors and real-time vehicle capacity monitoring systems to control the number of passengers for each ride
  • Contactless payment sensors promote all-door boarding capability to avoid line ups and minimize exposure to any virus
  • Contactless body temperature assessment
  • Real-time detection of riders without masks
  • Social distancing alerts to keep passengers safe
  • Touchless Next Stop request to the driver from the mobile app. No more pulling chords or touching bus surfaces!
  • SOS request and alerts to drivers and control rooms in case of health emergencies onboard
  • Contact tracing data to alert people who may have been exposed to the virus
  • Origin/Destination Data Tracking with 99% accuracy