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23 Jun

A Blog On Vlogs

Communicating your craft You have a large mixing bowl, vital ingredients, and the motivation to create and share an awesome meal. You’ve also been cooking since you were a kid, so this is your passion. In fact, you have so many recipes and you just want to share them with the world! The internet is where you share what you know. Cooking, is a very visual activity. Although all you need is the instructions to make a meal, you will hardly ever see a recipe without at least an image of the...

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3 May

ZED Digital to Present at COMTO National Conference: Digital Trends for Transportation


The Power of Web Personalization & Multi-Modal Transit Technology
In a recent two-year study on the psychology behind wayfinding strategies with major transportation agencies in the US, research demonstrated that transit agencies have eight seconds to provide useful answers to a customer’s questions before the consumer becomes frustrated and walks away*. In other words, agencies only have eight seconds to display all the transit information travelers needs for a successful first impression.

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12 Apr

City of Gahanna Selects ZED Digital to Redesign Website


The city of Gahanna has chosen to partner with ZED Digital in working on the redesign and personalization of the City’s website. ZED Digital will be working closely with city departments to design homepages that are customized to fit the needs of residential, tourist, governmental, and business users that visit the city’s website.


Users will be able to select who they are and tailor their experience to what best suits their needs, lifestyle, activities, and work. They will also be able to interact with a city map to view neighborhood demographics, weather, traffic, local shopping, local services, and so much more.


6 Apr

ZED named Finalist in Healthcare Symposium Business Pitch Competition


This morning, April 6th 2017, at the South Central Ohio Healthcare Supplier Diversity Symposium, Sumithra had the privilege of speaking to an audience of over 350 healthcare C-level executives and professionals in a business pitch competition. ZED was selected as a finalist after 3 rounds of interviews and was invited to the Symposium to deliver a final speech to an executive panel of judges. She delivered the following pitch:

“Hello, I am Sumithra Jagannath, the president of ZED Digital, a Digital Software Enterprise headquartered in Columbus Ohio.


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16 Feb

COTA Selects ZED Digital to Launch New Website and Real-time Transit Tracking

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) announced the selection of ZED Digital as their digital agency tasked with the complete makeover of ZED Digital will work closely with COTA to innovate and redesign the end-user experience to aid commuters better utilize COTA’s transit options in the city of Columbus.

“We are thrilled to be chosen for such a prestigious project in a time where Columbus is growing and expanding.”, says President, Sumithra Jagannath. “We are honored to work alongside an agency whose primary concern is the connectivity of Columbus residents and the transparency of a newer, smarter city.”

10 Nov

ZED Named Honoree for 2016 BizTech Award

biztech-awards-logo-2015-rgbCOLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 9, 2016 – ZED Digital is proud to announce it has been selected as the 2016 BizTech Awards Honoree in the Minority-Owned Business Enterprise category. The Columbus Business First BizTech Awards recognizes the people, organizations and companies that make an impact on technology and innovations in Central Ohio.

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4 Oct

How Personalization Can Cure Your Search Problems

Search is currently the biggest digital marketing investment for businesses, but the gap is closing. With display ads (videos, rich media, banners, etc.) set to overtake search this year, those looking to gain a competitive advantage online should start looking beyond search and towards personalization. It has been increasingly difficult to get value out of search. Google’s shift towards large, content-driven search results makes search a huge investment of time and labor. Search will always be an important way to attract new business, but it’s now becoming more important to convert the visitors...

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29 Sep

Transforming Your Company Through A New Customer Journey Approach

What is a customer journey? Why is it important? How can your company utilize it? All of these questions are important to ask when developing a customer driven marketing campaign for your company or small business. A “customer journey” is a marketing campaign used to create better experiences for your target market through the business cycle. The customer journey aligns with the development of the business lifecycle and are broken up into several stages along the way to provide a positive, efficient, and most important, a profitable customer experience. Through various...

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9 Nov

2015 Search Ranking Factors


We’re almost to the end of 2015, but Google and other search engines keep moving right along. The SEO world changes fast so the SEO tactics that worked just a couple years ago might have little correlation with success now. To keep the digital community updated on search ranking factors for site placement, we are offering this free white paper.

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15 Oct

What is digital marketing really about?

According to SAS Institute Inc., digital media is so pervasive in nature that consumers have access to information any time and in any place they want it. People no longer hear or find information based on the advertisements that you personally tailor to make them believe what you want them to believe. Media is everywhere in many open forms and the consumers don’t just see what your company has to say about the brand but what friends, family, and peers are saying. They listen to people they trust and if...