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26 Jan

Cybersecurity for mobile ticketing

ARE YOU LOOKING TO PROCURE A MOBILE TICKETING SOLUTION? Cybersecurity for mobile ticketing solutions is of growing concern for Transit Agencies as the Pandemic has increased the use of contactless payments. Many high-profile attacks and breaches have reported a loss in millions. Transportation agencies have already been affected by the breach, but the right measures can be taken relative to customer education, service process rigor, payments technology, and fraud preventive and detective controls to mitigate the security risks. Securing a rider’s payment and purchases are essential to earning their trust and vital to the...

3 Nov

Covid-19 safety technologies for 2021

PROTECTION FOR RIDERS & DRIVERS While several studies do not find links between transit use and COVID-19 spread, the fear of contracting the virus on public transportation is a major obstacle for transit agencies.  With the Pandemic heating back up, here are some innovative contact-less technologies to restore rider’s confidence in public transportation. Here are some top transit technologies and tools you can leverage in 2021 to increase rider confidence in public transit and safeguard passengers’ and employees’ health. Contactless payment sensors to instantly collect fares. No more lineups at fareboxes!Real-time vehicle occupancy detectors to limit over-crowdingReal-time body...

bus option
8 Oct

Most commonly asked questions about touchless fare validators for all-door boarding!

Touchless boarding is a critical step in protecting frontline transit workers and riders. Have you considered adding touchless validators to your mobile ticketing solution to validate payments, but you are unsure how it works for all-door boarding? ZIG Transit uses sensor technology and a smartphone app to enable passengers to board at any door with contactless ticket validation. Our solution enables hands-free boarding by validating fares instantly as users board, without riders having to remove their smartphone from their bags, scan a QR code, or tap a card. Our no-touch sensor...

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6 May

Covid-19: Re-thinking Fare Collection Solutions

How Touchless fare validators can increase driver and passenger safety in a post-COVID era The COVID-19 crisis has officially put a stranglehold on America’s way of life. Public transportation, as we know it, has been widely disrupted. Work from home will probably not continue at the same level it is today. Transit ridership will likely rebound however new best practices will emerge with regard to passenger health and safety. While the recent innovations in transforming urban mobility and environmental sustainability, including Mobility as a Service, autonomous and electric vehicles, and ridesharing will...

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26 Mar

Touchless Fare Validators Enhance Driver And Rider Safety During Covid-19

COLUMBUS, OH, March 27, 2020 – Given the critical need to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S., Transit agencies are faced with the challenges of temporary fare suspension, service reductions, higher cleaning costs, and a severe decrease in ridership. There is a need to enhance driver and rider health safety if public transportation is to continue to be viable in this new era of social distancing. ZED Digital, a transit technology company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, recently launched a patent-pending touchless fare collection technology that can enable continued fare...

11 Mar

Internet of Things Technology Use in Urban Planning for Smart Cities

This latest technology provides valuable data and analytics insights for modern-day city planning

thumbnail_Untitled design (4)High-speed internet and the increasing use of smartphones on a daily base over the last decade have led to increased use of emerging technology such as the Internet of Things. The average US adult spent 3:34 hours/day on mobile devices in 2019, according to EMarketer Inc. This trend will continue through 2020 and has now led to the onset of the use of mobile apps where riders can receive on-demand and integrated mobility options for riding public transportation, rideshare, and bike-share services all in one single app.

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bus option
9 Mar

Mobile Ticketing is making public transport easier than ever, but many cities have still not reaping the benefits

Smart solutions are so vital to our routine activity that everyone is always looking for new apps and tools to make their lives easier and that includes the public transportation. Just getting from point A to point B it’s not enough anymore. People want to move faster in a secure, comfortable and environmentally friendly way. They must have different ride options for least cost, minimal connections and eliminate the waiting time and walking distance between them. They don’t want to carry bills and coins (the exact amount), or a plastic card...

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30 Oct

Product Launch – From Mass Transportation To Maas Transportation

ZIG™: New Mobility as a Service Product Launched COLUMBUS, OH, 10/28 — ZED Digital (ZED) launched a new and innovative Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform on October 24 called ZIG™ at the California Transit Association Conference in Long Beach California. This unique smart mobility platform eases the journey for transit customers, public transit agencies and smart cities towards a future with more sustainable mobility. The launch opened with remarks by Gary Coles, Strategic Advisor for MV Transportation, the leading provider of paratransit services and the largest privately-owned passenger transportation contracting firm in the United States....

smart 50
11 Sep

ZED Digital’s Sumithra Jagannath Honored as a SMART 50

2017 Central Ohio Smart 50

There are executives in Central Ohio who work within and just outside of 270. They may not have their names on buildings (yet), but these leaders are making decisions that impact the future of all of us in the city of Columbus. The September issue of Smart Business Columbus is bringing these SMART 50 leaders to the forefront to recognize these impressive individuals who run these dynamic local companies. ZED Digital is proud to share that our very own President and CEO, Sumithra Jagannath, is a 2017 honoree on this distinguished list.

single payment
31 Aug

The Power of Transportation using Multi-Modal

 Imagine this…

A businesswoman leaves her home in the morning on her bicycle for the nearby bus stop. She determines her departure by looking at her mobile device to see how long it will take her to get to the bus stop and work. Once she rides her bike to the bus stop, she leaves her cycle in a secured bike parking facility she accesses with her universal fare card. Once the bus arrives, she gets on the bus using that same fare card. As she gets off the bus near work, she stops to grab a coffee and pays for her java with the same universal fare card. While waiting for her drink, she examines her appointments for the day, and reserves an electric vehicle for her 2pm meeting across town using the universal fare card. At the end of her work day, she goes to the closest bus stop, rides the bus to the transit station near her home and where her bike is, picks up her bike and pedals home.  This is not imagination. This is multimodal transportation happening around the world as you read this.